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Kata translates as Forms, and is often misunderstood and mistaught. 

Essentially, replace Kata with Shadow Boxing, and you're thinking along the right lines.

What is Self-Defence Kata?

In our RBUD Self-Defence Kata Class, we run through the forms and body mechanics of our self-defence techniques, allowing us to commit to memory perfect technique. Once we have studied to excellent form within the class, this allows the practitioner to complete these forms at home, work, alone, wherever.

The great thing about RBUD Self-Defence Kata is that it can be done with no-contact, no-impact. It gets the body ready for when you are able to practice with a bag, or a partner holding the pads for you.

£20 One-to-One private sessions

£15 per person for private group bookings (2 or more people)

£3 per person for Open Group sessions (to be advertised the coming week, so please join the RBUD Facebook group for up-dates  )

Contact us now to book your first session. 

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