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T.A.B. Classes are Tactics Against Blades classes, and are designed from a purely defensive position. Too many knife classes teach how to attack with the knife, not taking into account the legality of what they are teaching.

These classes are not about teaching you how to have a knife fight, as that is silly nonsense from the start. To teach someone how to use the knife as a weapon presupposes that you are carrying a knife, which for the most part in the UK is illegal. 

It is on the same level for RBUD as those idiots who claim to teach 'throat-ripping' techniques or fatal techniques. 

RBUD is about teaching you the skills to stay safe, not to become a dangerous member of society.

These classes teach you the best ways to remain in one piece when confronted by someone with a knife, whether it be a mugging or all-out attack.


These will be once every few months, at a cost of £20 per person, and are open to everyone aged 16 years and over.

As with all classes and seminars, we are available for privately booked engagements.

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