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Chester University Students

Free Self-Protection Classes

In response to a recent attack on a Chester University Student, RBUD is now offering Free-for-Students Self-Defence/Protection classes.

There is no fee, nor will there ever be one at a later date. 

These classes are as a group of up to five students (as the instructor would be the sixth). 

All ages, abilities, experiences welcome.


These classes will cover things such as:



How to Read Body Language

The Fence and How to Properly Use It

What to Look For in an Attacker or Potentially Volatile Situation

Where Best to Sit on Public Transport or in a Public Area

What the Bad Guys Look for in a Victim



Learn to be Rude: You Don't Have to Talk to Strangers, Nor Should You

How to Make an Escape Plan that Works

Travel Safe Syllabus, including the Electronic Splash and Plan Ahead strategies

Interview Skills, such as deescalation, loop-holing, understanding ploys and deceptions



How to Handle an Adrenaline Dump

How Not to Panic

What Details to Remember About an Incident/Attacker

Hand Strikes

Knee and Elbow Techniques

Counter-Grappling Techniques with include how to stop a take-down, how to get out from under someone, how to safely get up from the floor without leaving yourself vulnerable



How to Deal With an Attack Psychologically

What to Take Away from an Incident

What the Law is About Defending Ourselves and Others


We will also teach real-world common sense, reality-based physical techniques, that are basic, easy to learn, and can be executed in a heart-beat. What we teach at RBUD is Street Not Sport, all techniques are based on experience of what actually works. Nothing is hypothetical.


Everything taught is legal under the law of the UK as regards self-defence.


Sessions can also be tailored to something specific that is bothering you, or that you have experienced.  These sessions are about you, so the material will be molded to fit your needs.



General Tips:

Stop putting your cards and cash in the back of a clear phone cover. Your advertising your cash, your cards and phone, and if I steal one I've stolen them all.

Don't go out walking in places you don't know alone. 

Always tell a friend where you're going.

Let someone who will miss you know what time you expect to be back.

Don't talk to strangers. Learn to be rude.

If you're leaving a friend behind just because they got too drunk, then you're not a real friend.

Try to keep a tab on how much you're drinking. Don't allow peer-pressure to get you so drunk you don't know where you are.

Don't advertise how much money you have on you.

Don't advertise that you're walking home alone to an empty house.

Don't give people you've just met your address.

Attend an RBUD session with regularity.


There are several RBUD General Safety Tips videos available on YouTube and on our About page.


If you have any questions at all, or would like to book a class, please use the Contact page, and RBUD will reply to you ASAP.

General Safety Tips
Electronic Splash
First Date Safety
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